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Mission Statement: To provide the highest level of service and professionalism to home owners, investors and tenants. To have the knowledge and experience needed to properly manage properties for the customers, both owners and tenants. To have the highest possible standards while keeping reasonable owner profits. To maintain reasonable rates at the highest standards.

The Beginning: The business was established in 2003 by Richard Taylor by accident, yes that's correct by accident. It all started when I was living in Noblesville, Indiana in 2002 and meet my now current wife; she lived in a nearby city with her children. It was easier for me to move to her house than it was for her to uproot her children and move to mine. Not wanting to sell my home I decided that I should lease it. There were very few property managers in the Indianapolis area at that time so living only 15 minutes away, I decided to lease the house myself. Without any previous experience leasing a property, I had a lot of home work to do. I dived into it spending many hours reading books, looking at documents and talking to a couple people that had leased their home out. After following some rules that I learned from others and books, I listed my house and soon found my first tenant. Things went well and at that time I had a 2 page lease with the tenant that I found at Office Depot. A few months went by and I received a call from my next door neighbor informing me that he was being transferred to Chicago and wanted to know if I would be interested in leasing his home out also. This sounded very interesting to me as the first tenant in my home went so well. A tenant was found and things seemed great for a short time, which is until Mr. unexperienced knocked at the door and I found myself in a situation that I was unprepared for. As fate would have it, the owner of my first rental property was a real estate attorney who knew the laws inside and out. That was a convenient wakeup call early in my career that spoke volumes to me about making sure that I knew not only how to advertise a house, purchase a lease contract from Office Depot and take their deposit but that it was actually much more important to know how to qualify a tenant and know the tenant/landlord laws in the state. Soon after this experience I received another call from an owner in the same neighborhood that heard that I was managing homes and thus Heartland Property Management was born. Having a full time job at that point besides managing homes made it too difficult to take on more than a few homes so things were quiet for the next 4 years while I learned how to and how not to deal with tenants. In 2007 one of the few property owners that I managed for, referred an investment group out of California to call me. The head of the investment group was to fly in and go on a purchasing spree for 2 days. The investment group purchased around 40 homes in 2 days which all had to be built from scratch. The business grew to a point in the next couple years where I did not feel comfortable so I decided to scale back and grow in experience before expanding. It was a very good decision as I learned after few years that while I thought I knew a lot about my business, I didn't know near as much as I needed to know. During that learning stage, I implemented automated online property management software, and have learned a lot from property management seminars, additional books and life experience. At the writing of this, I have managed over 1,500 tenant move outs and move-ins and have expanded the well written lease to now 8 pages long, due to the experiences with tenants. Things have been good and I still have the love and passion for maintaining homes to their upmost potential and finding great people to take care of them. My standards have always been high and I have never wavered from that practice. Of the calls that I receive from home owners and investors, after the phone interview and viewing the properties, I agree to manage approximately 25% of the properties due to the condition of them. I can't wait to see what the next 20 years has in store for me.


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